The Benefits of Working with a Newfoundland Full-Service Boutique Law Firm

If you have a single legal problem that is complicated or is a high stakes matter, you will want to engage a lawyer who has experience handling the type of matter with which you are dealing and you will want to find the best lawyer you can afford. If you have multiple matters and a need for ongoing legal services, you may prefer a firm that can effectively service your different legal needs.

Imagine for a moment how many types of legal services you could potentially need if you are a successful business owner and then suddenly became engulfed in a complex, high conflict separation. You could need the services of a family lawyer, business lawyer and even a real estate lawyer. You may need to divide your personal assets, your business assets or properties with your spouse. You could also find that, after providing the requisite financial disclosure, one of your businesses has major omissions or irregularities, leading you to require the assistance of a tax or criminal lawyer or both. Once a separation agreement or family law court proceeding has been completed, you may need to commit resources in your Will to secure support obligations. You may want to create a new estate plan, one that creates trusts and distributes the remainder of your assets differently.

The challenge then is how to find a firm that provides the specialized services needed in different fields at a reasonable rate? It is not efficient to attend different firms for different legal services. The choice you make about what firm to utilize will depend on your knowledge and experience with the different firm types available, the personal or business referrals received, lawyer referral services, online services, and your geographical location. We will outline the different firm types here and then explain how our firm differs from the rest.

Sole Practitioners/General Practice Lawyers
Sole practitioners are typically general practice lawyers and probably the biggest category of practising lawyers today. The benefits of a sole practitioner include personalized service, where you can get to know the staff and work one-on-one with the same lawyer on a variety of issues.

Boutique Law Firms
Boutique law firms are comprised of either one lawyer or more often a group of lawyers who practice in a particular area or areas of law, such as labour law. The assistance of lawyers in other fields has to be sought when they are needed to address different issues in a particular case. For example, a criminal lawyer could consult with a family lawyer about the impact of a proposed bail variation on a family law proceeding or for police enforcement of an access plan. A boutique firm’s success is dependent on giving and getting referrals so that they can stay focused on their particular area of law.

One of the drawbacks of a small boutique firm is the limited areas of practice they cover. Sometimes the expertise needed is not available within the firm. As a result, you might find yourself retaining services at multiple boutique firms, which could also mean multiple retainers and higher overall costs to resolve your legal issues.

Small, Mid-Size and Large or “Full Service” Law Firm

A small law firm is comprised of two to ten lawyers. A small law firm can handle cases which are too complex for a sole practitioner to handle and they are more likely to be able to address your various needs since a sole practitioner cannot be available all of the time.

A mid-size law office has between ten to fifty lawyers. Mid-size law firms have expert areas and full service capabilities, meaning they may be able to provide effective legal representation in several major practice areas.

A large law firm has fifty of more lawyers within it and potentially several thousands of employees, including lawyers, paralegals, administrative staff, human resource specialists, and librarians. They have the resources to handle legal matters for public companies, governments and other large organizations, and tend to have regional or worldwide offices, usually in metropolitan areas, giving them the edge in representing international companies.

Gittens & Associates: A Mid-Size Boutique Law Firm
At Gittens & Associates we are a mid-size conglomeration of boutique practices. We provide an integrated legal representation in the following areas:
We are able to use skill sets developed in one legal area, such as estate or family litigation and apply this to other areas such as motor vehicle accident litigation. Our team approach allows us to draw on the expertise of our various practice groups and gives us access to lawyers who are leaders in their respective areas of practice.

We provide the personal one-to-one experience of a sole practitioner or small firm with the expertise of a boutique practice and at a fraction of the cost of the large regional firms. We do not take a one-size-fits-all approach to solving legal problems and can instead customize our services to your needs. We have the expertise to handle most legal challenges facing individuals and small to medium-size businesses. Choosing the right law firm can make a significant difference in the outcome of your legal matters.

Choosing Gittens & Associates can help address your legal needs more effectively and economically than you imagined possible. Get started by contacting one our lawyers for an informative consultation at 1-888-592-7171. We can also be reached locally in St. John’s, Newfoundland at 709-579-8424.
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