Divorce: what to expect from your family lawyer

Divorces can be complex and often difficult. In addition to the emotional toll of the separation and any conflict that results from it, you need to deal with the legal side. However, this can quickly become overwhelming, and you are likely to have many questions. Luckily, a family lawyer practicing in divorce can help. Here is what you can expect.



They will ask you for documents 

Like any legal proceeding, a divorce relies on establishing facts, which means you will have to provide all documents your lawyer needs. This might include marriage and prenuptial contracts. 


Also, they will also require court orders that pertain to the divorce, such as child custody agreements. Furthermore, a timeline of events and financial information may be required. This might include information about benefits or retirement funds your spouse has access to. The more information you can give your lawyer, the better. They will also ask questions to gain a clearer idea regarding your situation, goals and expectations.


They will have a plan

Once your lawyer has the information they need, they can start to formulate a plan. If a case is simple, such as when spouses have already amicably divided assets, they will outline the process for you and ensure everything goes well. However, if a case is more complex, they may need to hire experts, such as business appraisers or accountants. Understanding the plan and what is required of you is important. Keep in mind that your lawyer has your best interests at heart. 


They will answer your questions

You will likely have many questions about your case. Fortunately, your lawyer will be able to answer them. It is a good idea to prepare a list of questions beforehand. Do not hesitate to write down new ones during meetings and calls with your lawyer. For example, you may want to ask them what their plan is should the case go to trial. You can also expect your lawyer to return calls promptly and take the time to ensure you understand how your case is proceeding. 


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