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Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice Lawyers in St. John’s and Newfoundland

Medical malpractice is generally an act of negligence on the part of a healthcare provider who deviates from the regular medical standards. If you or someone you love has been injured by medical carelessness, get the Gittens & Associates’ team of medical malpractice lawyers in St. John’s on your side. Our team of experienced lawyers can handle any case involving medical malpractices in Newfoundland.


As a result of our experience in representing clients in medical malpractice issues, we will review your case and medical records, examine opinions of medical specialists, prepare a formal complaint against the negligent healthcare provider and work closely with you through all phases of litigation. Contact us now for a free telephone consultation.

What Is Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice, simply put, refers to any professional negligence or carelessness through an act, an omission of an act, a general misdiagnosis or any reckless treatment of a patient by a healthcare provider. This includes anyone from doctors to midwives, pharmacists, chiropractors and dentists.


Since they aren’t medical specialists, our lawyers can’t immediately tell if you have a claim. However, we can help send your records to a medical specialist to examine the situation and let you know if your medical professional’s actions fell below a particular standard of care. Our lawyers can then help you choose the best course of action to proceed with your case.

Common Types of Medical Malpractices

If you were given the wrong medication or suffered internal damage during a surgical procedure, you may have a case to make. Some of the most common types of medical malpractice include surgical errors, medical misdiagnosis, birth injuries, medication errors, cosmetic surgery malpractice and failure to diagnose. Our medical malpractice lawyers in St. John’s are here to help you. The different scenarios that fall under medical malpractice include:

Surgical Errors

Errors performed by a medical practitioner during a surgery can have adverse effects on the patient. A few examples of such errors may include incorrect incisions, wrong-site surgery, operating on the wrong patient, nerve damage, leaving equipment inside a patient and anesthesiology errors. You can always count on our lawyers at Gittens & Associates to provide you with sound legal advice for either of these cases.

Cosmetic Surgery Malpractice

If you have undergone a cosmetic surgery such as a tummy tuck and find that you are suffering with other complications as a result of this surgery, you may have the option to sue the practitioner. A botched surgery and undesirable results may also fall under malpractice.

Medication Errors

Some common examples of medication errors may include prescribing the wrong medication, failing to warn the patient of the side effects of the prescribed medication, prescribing a medication that the patient is allergic to and mislabeling the medication.

Medical Misdiagnosis

The examples of medical misdiagnosis include errors in diagnostic tests, wrong or late diagnosis, referring the patient to the wrong specialist and not considering medical observations of the patient.

Birth Injuries

Some of the common birth injuries occur due to improper use of birth-assisting tools, improper detection and treatment of fetal distress or failure in scheduling and performing emergency C-sections.

Failure to Diagnose

If a failure in diagnosis has resulted in improper medical care, delayed treatment or no treatment at all and has worsened your condition, a malpractice suit can be filed.

How Can Gittens & Associates Help You with Medical Malpractices in Newfoundland?

If you are suffering the effects of medical malpractice and are unsure that you have a case to make, do not hesitate to talk to our lawyers. Our firm has handled many cases involving medical malpractices in Newfoundland and can provide you with a free consultation to discuss your case. We understand that a medical practitioner’s negligence can affect your well-being. Let our medical malpractice lawyers in St. John’s help you through this difficult time.

We work closely with each of our clients to make sure that they understand every step of the legal process. Our goal is to help you stay fully informed and comfortable as we pursue your case. As we work with you one-on-one, we aim for you to feel fully confident in our ability to fight for just compensation. We hope that working with our knowledgeable medical malpractice lawyers in St. John’s will help relieve some of your stress and seek the therapies you need to regain your health.

Don’t pay out of your pocket for medical expenses that result from medical malpractices at the hands of a medical professional. Speak to our lawyers so that they can get these expenses reimbursed to you while you focus on recovery. Call today and let our medical malpractice lawyers in St. John’s help you recover compensation for the damages you have suffered.

Injured Due to Medical Malpractice?

We can represent clients who were injured while receiving medical care in Newfoundland.

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