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About Us

About Our Team of Professional Lawyers

The team at Gittens, de Beer & Associates is comprised of a highly skilled and knowledgeable group of professionals. Our vision is to put our clients first through excellence in customer service, client-lawyer relationships and proven results.


No matter the type of legal counsel or representation you’re looking for, our team has the expertise to handle any case. Many lawyers in St. John’s only specialize in one area of law, but our team boasts a wide range of experience in many different practice areas, so you can be sure you’re getting well-rounded representation.


There are endless reasons you might need a lawyer: marriage disputes, a car accident, inheritance—the list can go on and on. You wouldn’t hire a divorce lawyer to handle a malpractice lawsuit, but if the lawyer has experience with both, it’s as if you’re getting two lawyers in one.

Our Lawyers

Lawyers in Newfoundland are not hard to come by, but finding a good, trustworthy lawyer can be a bit more difficult. Let us stand up for you and show you what we can do—you’ll love the way we communicate and facilitate! To learn more about our services, please call us today. Also, check out the links below to read about each of our experienced Newfoundland Lawyers, Paralegals and Support Staff working together as an effective legal team.

Ernest L. Gittens

Senior Partner

Renée Murphy-Turner

Senior Paralegal

Kelly Doiron


Billie A. Taylor

Legal Assistant

Terri Crane

Legal Assistant/Reception

Michael Ryan

Legal Assistant

Angie Taylor

Accounts Manager

Claudette O’Toole

Office Manager

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