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General Litigation

General and Civil Litigation in Newfoundland

The legal team at Gittens, de Beer & Associates represents clients in a wide range of civil litigation matters and has experience with all levels of Court in Newfoundland and Labrador, as well as with the Tax Court of Canada.

Civil litigation

Our civil litigation practice is equipped to handle any case. We assist individuals and businesses alike and are adept at handling personal injury claims, employment law, debt collection, breach of contract, property disputes, wills and estates litigation and more.

An experienced and versatile team

Every situation is unique. If you are concerned about how to enforce your legal rights or how to defend a court action, we encourage you to contact us to speak with a member of our team. We focus on how to best represent our clients and advise them as to their options for resolving any legal issues they may face.

We are able to assist in the following areas:

Breach of contract

Any violation of the terms of a contract by either party is known as a breach of contract. Regardless of whether the contract itself was verbal or written, a breach can be grounds for a civil lawsuit. However, there are three important things to establish before suing: you must be certain a contract was made, you have to be able to prove there was a breach and you have to demonstrate you suffered a loss as a result. Our lawyers can help you build a case.


Debt collection

Whether you’re owed money or are faced with legal action from a creditor or collection agency, we can help. Retaining legal counsel in debt collection matters is crucial to ensure your rights are respected, whether you’re a debtor or a creditor. 


Disability insurance

Dealing with a disability insurance claim can be complicated. A long-term disability will severely limit your ability to earn income, meaning insurance is crucial to your well-being. If you need help navigating the process or if you want to appeal a long-term disability denial, speak to one of our lawyers.


Business litigation

Newfoundland and Labrador’s economy is deeply rooted in the province’s natural resources. This means there’s no shortage of business opportunities, and it’s why Gittens, de Beer & Associates provides a full range of services to commercial clients. This includes legal assistance pertaining to acquisitions, new business registrations, joint ventures, exploration agreements and corporate governance issues.

If your business has to do with exploiting one of Newfoundland and Labrador’s natural resources, you’ll also need help navigating the complex and ever-changing regulations involved. 

General litigation

If a situation requiring legal action emerges, whatever it is, the team at Gittens & Associates can help. A dispute could escalate to the point where libel and slander become concerns, or you may need to consider legal action for professional malpractice. Having a team of experienced lawyers on your side will ensure your rights are respected and that you get the legal help you need.

Gittens, de Beer & Associates can provide you with professional advice pertaining to a number of branches of the law, including employment law and criminal law, and advocate on your behalf, both in and out of court. Contact us today to find out more about us or to schedule a free consultation.

Resolving Disputes for Individuals and Businesses

Our lawyers can help evaluate your civil litigation case and determine the options available for you.

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