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Administrative Law

Administrative Law in Newfoundland

Administrative law deals with the relationship between government and citizens through decisions that are made by government bodies such as boards, tribunals, commissions and agencies. Some of these bodies include the Human Rights Commission, Workers’ Compensation Commission, Citizenship and Immigration. At Gittens, de Beer & Associates, our administrative law team in Newfoundland has experience in providing legal advice and representation in various areas of administrative law, including human rights complaints, Liquor Licence applications, Workers’ Compensation appeals and judicial reviews of the decisions of these administrative boards and tribunals.

Our lawyers have appeared before Provincial Tribunals and have successfully appealed administrative law decisions to the Newfoundland Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal.

Protecting Your Rights in Human Rights Cases

Canadians enjoy some of the strongest protections of human rights in the world. At Gittens, de Beer & Associates, we believe that our advocacy of clients who have experienced harassment or discrimination is important not only to our clients themselves but to preserving the diversity and character of Newfoundland. If you feel that your rights have been disregarded due to age, gender, sexual orientation or other causes, talk to our administrative law team in our Newfoundland office.

Workers’ Compensation

Have you been injured at work? Gittens, de Beer & Associates handles Workers’ Compensation appeals and can guide you through the procedures and paperwork so you can focus on your recovery and return to work. Visit our office in St. John’s and get answers to your Workers’ Compensation questions.

Experience in Handling Immigration Issues

Immigration issues are often complex, shading into issues of family law and custody, humanitarian concerns and global politics. Gittens, de Beer & Associates can help you navigate the many regulations governing immigration, smoothing your transition into a new life in Canada.

Protect Your Rights

Our lawyers aim at representing clients in various areas of administrative law in Newfoundland.

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