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Real Estate

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Lawyers in Newfoundland

Gittens, de Beer & Associates has a substantial real estate practice. We handle a wide range of property transactions for a variety of clients, aiding with both commercial and residential real estate.

Why you need a real estate lawyer

Whether you’re new to the real estate market or a seasoned veteran, you need a real estate lawyer to ensure every aspect of your transaction goes well. If this is your first time purchasing property, you’ll need someone to guide you through the complex paperwork. If you have more experience, then you know that a real estate lawyer is a sound and necessary investment.

The risks of real estate

Real estate lawyers can help you mitigate some of the risks involved in real estate transactions. For instance, it’s been reported that some people may use a false identity and sell a home they don’t actually own. Another, more common and less dramatic problem is when the previous owners don’t comply with the terms of the sale contract. For example, they may take appliances they were supposed to leave behind.


Hiring a real estate lawyer at the outset will make it much less likely that you’ll be caught in a difficult position.

When do I need a lawyer?

While in some cases hiring a real estate lawyer is more of a precaution, there are cases when you absolutely need professional help. These include:

Buying or selling property that’s in a state of distress (for instance problems with sinkholes or zoning issues).

Buying or selling a property from a deceased owner’s estate.

Selling a property co-owned by an uncooperative person.

Selling property that could be tied to legal issues.

Residential and Personal Real Estate

Our real estate practice group assists clients with purchasing and selling homes. Plus, we can help with agreements of purchase and sale, financing, leasing, property insurance, title insurance and quieting of titles. We also advise clients in relation to declarations of ownership, transfers of land between family members and transactions in the context of separating individuals.

Commercial Real Estate

Our commercial real estate practice includes helping clients with the acquisition, financing, development and sale of investment, commercial, and industrial properties. We are also routinely involved in the negotiation and preparation of complex property development and financing agreements. Furthermore, we regularly represent clients who are dealing with purchase and sale transactions, foreclosure and other mortgage remedies, commercial and retail leasing, subdivisions and condominiums, construction documentation, property management, municipal planning, power of sale, and land use.

We are able to assist clients with the following:

Purchase and sale agreements

Residential purchases and sales




Land transfers

Quieting titles

Commercial transactions

Lease agreements

Construction disputes

Builder’s lien litigation

Gittens, de Beer & Associates can assist you with your residential and commercial real estate transactions and all matters pertaining to property transactions. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Finding Real Estate Solutions

When it comes to real estate law, we have the knowledge and experience to provide you with reliable solutions.

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