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The role of a probate lawyer in dealing with estates

A probate lawyer is a type of lawyer that deals specifically with wills and estates. This means they are involved in the probate process, which is when a will gets legally reviewed for authentication purposes. Here is a look at what their role entails.

THEY AID THE EXECUTOR OF THE WILL A probate lawyer can assist the executor of a will who waslegally named as the representative tasked with managing an estate.The probate lawyer’s role typically includes securing all assets and appraising the possessions of the deceased, as well as advising on how to settle debts and identifying any estate taxes that may be owed. THEY ASSIST WITH SETTLING ESTATES The particulars of a givenprobate process will be determined, in part, by whether or not a will was made. If there is a will, your lawyer will review it to ensure its validity. They will also provide the executor and beneficiaries with advice on relevant legal matters. In the case that there is no will, the lawyer will assist the executor with the distribution of assets, which will be decided based on the law. THEY PREVENT FAMILIAL CONFLICTS The presence of a probate lawyer can help alleviate some of the tension that may exist among families during the probate process by reassuring the beneficiaries that the executor is handling the proceedings appropriately. They can also offer clarification as needed, thereby helping to prevent misunderstandings. Should a dispute arise between the executor and the beneficiaries of the will, the lawyer will work to resolve them. THEY HELP MANAGE FINANCES Another important task associated with probate lawyers is that they assist with the handling of an estate’s finances. This may involve acquiring appraisals of estate property, as well as arranging the sale of property. In addition, they will settle existing debts and identify if taxes are owed. If taxesneed to be paid, they will determine where the money will come from and ensure the expense is settled. EXPERIENCED LAWYERS IN NEWFOUNDLAND Located in St John’s, Newfoundland, Gittens & Associates provides legal advice and provides legal representation in a range of practice areas. Whether you are looking to hire a lawyer to assist with the probate process or to handle a child custody case, the legal professionals at our firm can help. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule a consultation.


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