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Why You Need a Real Estate Lawyer | Gittens, de Beer & Associates

Are you buying or selling in St John? Real estate law is difficult to navigate. It is important to work with a real estate lawyer. Call now Gittens & Associates!

Why you need a real estate lawyer Even seemingly straightforward real estate transactions can be complicated. Real estate law is difficult to navigate, and an error or omission could have serious consequences. That is why it is important to work with a real estate lawyer, regardless of whether you are buying or selling. Here is what you should know. What does a real estate lawyer do? Real estate lawyers ensure that property transactions are legal. Working with one guarantees you will be treated fairly and that the agreement you make complies with the law. Additionally, a lot of the paperwork required to complete real estate transactions gets done by lawyers, who act as representatives for buyers and sellers. Why work with a real estate lawyer? Here is some of what a real estate lawyer typically does for a client, and why it is essential to hire one whether you are buying or selling a home.

  • They Review agreements Purchase and sale agreements tend to be long documents packed with legal jargon. It is important to get your lawyer to look yours over before your sign it, as you could find yourself agreeing to an unfavourable or otherwise unfair condition.

  • They help you avoid bad surprises Your lawyer will ensure there are no claims against the home and that the seller is indeed the rightful owner. If you are selling, they can help you vet potential buyers.

  • They clarify the financial aspects Property taxes, land transfer registration fees and mortgage documents are all things your real estate lawyer can help you with. Making sure your financing and taxes are properly handled is crucial, as a mistake or oversight could lead to serious problems.

  • They close the transaction Your real estate lawyer will help you close the transaction, typically by performing the steps required to finalize the sale. This includes receiving the funds from the bank or the buyer’s lawyer and facilitating the exchanging of keys and legal documents.

Always remember that your lawyer is there to help. Their job is to represent you throughout your real estate transaction. If you have questions or worries, they will give you the answers you need and help put your mind at rest. Real estate lawyers in Newfoundland Whether you are buying or selling, you can rely on the experienced legal team at Gittens & Associates. As a full service law firm, we can help with any legal matter, including real estate transactions. Contact us today to learn more about our services.


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