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FAQ: Separation & Divorce

Know Your Legal Rights During a Separation or Divorce

No one dreams that their own marriage will end in separation or divorce, but in reality, many marriages do not last the test of time.

The dedicated family law lawyers from Gittens & Associates understand that periods of marital trouble can be difficult. Tensions are high, the future is uncertain and your heart may be broken. It’s during these moments when the guidance of an experienced family law lawyer can help protect both your assets and your future.


Head of the Gittens & Associates, Kellie Cullihall recently wrote in Fine Lifestyles magazine about some of the most common issues facing people who are separating or divorcing. In the article, she details the “no fault” concept of divorce in Canada and the rights of common-law couples separating. Issues regarding child support in Newfoundland are also discussed.

Download a PDF version of the article for your convenience. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact the client-focused team from Gittens & Associates for complete legal representation for family law matters in Newfoundland.

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