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3 Things You Should Know About Labour Law

Labour law encompasses the rights and responsibilities of workers, employers, and unions. It also serves to mediate the relationships between these entities. If you are an employee, it is important to have a basic understanding of how labour law works in Newfoundland and how it applies to you. This will help you ensure that your rights are being respected. Here are three facts to get you started.

1. Labour Law Is Different From Employment Law Although the two are related, employment law is distinct from labour law. Whereas labour laws deal with the collective rights of workers within an organization, employment laws are focused on individual employees. This includes the relationship between an employee and their employer when it comes to issues such as employment contracts, severance negotiations and wrongful termination. On the other hand, labour laws focus primarily on the relationship between unions and companies. 2. Labour Lawyers Offer a Wide Range of Services It is important to be familiar with labour law so that you know when it is time to contact a lawyer. Lawyers who practise labour law may provide a number of services, including:

  • Working with you to ensure your union is representing your interests fairly

  • Providing assistance for grievance procedures and protecting the rights of all parties involved

  • Serving as a mediator in an attempt to resolve disputes before they go to trial

  • Coming to a decision regarding a workplace dispute as part of out-of-court arbitration

3. Labour Laws Vary Depending on Your Location In Canada, the federal government has jurisdiction over labour law in certain industries, such as shipping, telecommunications, and air transport. In other industries, however, labour law is governed at the provincial and territorial levels. Therefore, if you move to another province or territory, you may notice differences in the labour laws that apply to you. Be sure to familiarize yourself with these variations as soon as possible. Hire an employment and labour lawyer in Newfoundland and Labrador If you are in need of a lawyer in Newfoundland, Gittens & Associates is here to advocate for you. Our knowledgeable team has a wide range of experience. If you need advice on issues of employment and labour law, our lawyers can provide reliable guidance and expert representation. For more information about our services or to schedule a free phone consultation, contact us today.


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