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5 Criteria to Look For When Hiring a Real Estate Lawyer

Real estate attorney discussing to a couple their options

If you want to buy or sell residential or commercial property, enlisting the services of a trustworthy and reliable real estate lawyer can help make the process easier. These legal professionals review purchase and sale agreements and transfer documents, draw up documentation, facilitate financial transactions and more.

Here are five criteria you should look for when hiring a real estate lawyer.

  1. They should have extensive experience The real estate lawyer you choose should have at least several years of experience and should have overseen hundreds of transactions. This way, you can be sure they have handled a variety of cases and can provide you with the right guidance and advice.

  2. They should practice in real estate law It is advisable to enlist a lawyer who practices real estate law as they will have up-to-date knowledge on key issues and developments in the industry. As such, they can help you navigate issues that may arise during the transaction.

  3. They should be in good standing It is a good idea to check with your local law society, such as the Law Society of Newfoundland and Labrador, to ensure that the real estate lawyer you hire is in good standing and has an untainted professional history. Doing so will ensure that you hire a trustworthy legal representative with a track record of professional conduct.

  4. They should be involved in your case When hiring a real estate lawyer, you should ask who will handle your case. Sometimes large law firms will assign legal administrators or law clerks to assist with real estate transactions. However, your real estate lawyer should be your main point of contact and ideally be the person responsible for managing your case.

  5. They should provide their rates upfront It is best to do business with a real estate lawyer who is transparent about their rates and fees. Hiring a lawyer that is upfront about the cost of their services will ensure you do not get blindsided by unforeseen costs.\

In sum, hiring a competent and qualified real estate lawyer will ensure you do not get caught in a difficult position.

Skilled real estate lawyers in Newfoundland

Regarding real estate transactions, the experienced lawyers at Gittens & Associates in St. John’s, Newfoundland have the expertise required to provide you with reliable solutions. Whether you need legal counsel for estate planning or representation in a child custody battle, our team can help. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a free telephone consultation.


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