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4 Reasons You Need a Real Estate Lawyer When Buying a House

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Real estate lawyers help simplify various aspects of buying a home. Their role in your purchasing property is to advocate on your behalf and help you navigate legal transactions, paperwork, insurance and other key matters. Here are four reasons why you should hire a real estate lawyer when buying a home.

  1. They handle legal matters Real estate lawyers review, revise and help you understand contracts, leases, appraisals, inspections, legal documents and more. Plus, they can help you spot potential problems that might otherwise go unnoticed and become larger issues down the road. Above all, real estate lawyers ensure your rights and interests as a buyer are protected.

  2. They perform title searches Real estate lawyers perform title searches. This step ensures the property you want to buy does not have any claims against it and that you will not inherit the seller’s legal problems or debts. Additionally, if the search uncovers something problematic, your lawyer can help you resolve the issue so that you do not fall into any unseen legal traps.

  3. They arrange title insurance Real estate lawyers arrange title insurance on your behalf. This protects you from potential losses for things such as fraud, forgery, zoning non-compliance and encroachments; even if these issues existed before you purchased your home.

  4. They take care of closing the deal Real estate lawyers will resolve any last-minute disputes, draft land transfer and mortgage documentation, arrange financing with the bank, calculate land transfer tax and more. In addition, a real estate lawyer will ensure that all financial and legal conditions are met so that the transaction unfolds as smoothly as possible.

Finally, if you want peace of mind and legal protection when purchasing a home, hiring a real estate lawyer is a smart decision. Fortunately, the lawyers at Gittens & Associates in St. John’s, Newfoundland can help with everything from purchase and sale agreements to financing, leasing, title insurance, taxation, court issues and more.

Experienced real estate lawyers in Newfoundland

If you need help purchasing property, consider speaking with a real estate lawyer at Gittens & Associates. Our real estate team provides personalized advice and can assist you with residential and commercial real estate transactions, including declarations of ownership and land transfers between family members and divorcing couples. Contact us today to learn more about us or schedule a free telephone consultation.


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