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What Does an Immigration Lawyer Do | Gittens, de Beer & Associates

Read the Gittens & Associates blog to learn how an Immigration Lawyer can help you navigate the complexities of immigration to Newfoundland

What does an immigration lawyer do? An immigration lawyer helps those who want to move to Canada navigate the complexities of immigration. Working with a lawyer may improve an applicants’ chances of being admitted to Canada, no matter what immigration category they are applying under. This article provides an overview of the role immigration lawyers play. Offering immigration expertise and up-to-date knowledge The laws and policies of the Canadian immigration system are complex. Moreover, both the federal and provincial governments legislate immigration policies. This means there are 14 separate jurisdictions. As a result, changes to immigration laws may occur frequently. Immigration lawyers stay on top of the latest developments in order to help their clients. In addition, they can help an individual apply in more than one jurisdiction at a time, something few people know how to do themselves. It is also important to understand that everyone’s path to immigration is unique. There are more than 80 immigration programs in Canada, and each one is a channel through which a person can immigrate. A good immigration lawyer will be intimately familiar with these programs and will be able to help clients determine which ones are likely to provide the desired outcome. Ensuring that applicants meet all immigration requirements There are many forms, fees and deadlines involved for those who want to immigrate to Canada.. An experienced lawyer will ensure that applicants fill out all requisite paperwork, pay all fees on time, properly document their qualifications and follow all other relevant instructions. In addition, an immigration lawyer will be able to identify any potential problems in a person’s application and advise them as to the best course of action. It is important to note that the decision to approve or reject an immigration application often involves a good deal of discretion on the part of authorities. An immigration lawyer will be aware of the various hidden factors at play and can advise applicants on what actions to take to improve the likelihood of being allowed to immigrate to Canada. Immigration lawyer vs. immigration consultant Immigration lawyers and immigration consultants play two very different roles. To become an immigration consultant, an individual needs to complete a one-year program. Conversely, a Canadian immigration lawyer has at least six years of university education, a year of practicum experience and has passed Canada’s bar exam. Experienced immigration lawyers in Newfoundland Gittens & Associates provides a full range of legal services for clients seeking visas, permits and Canadian citizenship. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


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